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Half of your customers spend more on tobacco than vapes. Capture that spend.

ASH reports that more than 50% of vapers dual use – these are people making an effort to switch who are struggling. Swapping cigarettes for vaping leaves lots of people feeling there’s ‘something missing’. The main reason people struggle to cut out tobacco entirely is that “vaping doesn’t satisfy like smoking”.

Nicotine is just one of the many active substances in tobacco that contribute to satisfaction. Tobacco contains a complex cocktail of nicotinic alkaloids which work synergistically to contribute to enjoyment and satisfaction.

Brand new WholeNic is a patent-pending formulation that contains all of the active substances found in tobacco. It is TPD compliant and contains no TSNAs and no residual solvents. It satisfies like a cigarette, allowing you to capture more spend from your existing customers and tap into the huge pool of smokers, and fully convert dual users.

It’s available in 5 pack CDUs to minimise inventory cost, and is available in salt formats as well as freebase. Choose from 8 mouth-watering flavours across tobacco menthol and fruit categories, as well as high margin nicotine shots with the same WholeNic magic.